Detour to Harmony

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Miles Callahan’s country music days are over. Traveling on a tour bus is no life for a single dad with a four-year-old son, so Miles sets out in search of a place to hang up his guitar and dig some roots.

Five tanks of gas and a prayer—that’s all it took to land in Harmony Ridge. It was supposed to be a quick meal at a diner, but the small town hospitality has Miles and Cooper extending their stay. And when the beautiful owner of the restaurant befriends them, Miles wonders if more than just GPS led him there.

Scarlett Harmony has a legacy to fulfill. When her father passed, she inherited the Campfire Café, and maintaining his generosity through food and friendship is an order she can easily satisfy. That is, until the restaurant starts operating in the red. She fears her distraction with a wayward traveler might be the reason for the sudden decline in dollars, and she worries she has a difficult choice to make.

Can she keep her restaurant from closing while also opening up her heart to an opportunity for romance? Or will Miles be on his way before they ever have the chance to compose their love story?